WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

WordPress was originally popular a blogging software. It didn’t take long for it to have the essential features that made it a stable and secure content management system compared to other common platforms, such as Drupal and Joomla. It’s one of the most sought-after CMS today and has been a key ingredient for the success of virtually countless business sites.

WordPress Rhymes with Success

According to W3Tech, WordPress rules the CMS market share by a significant margin. The majority of the top one million websites online runs on this platform. Google Trends says that it has an incredible name recognition internationally—a testament to its immense popularity across the globe.

Why should you care about these numbers? Well, WordPress won’t be on top for no reason. Its inherent features help web developers build sites with optimal user experience. If your website runs on this CMS, you can easily have the perfect design and add-ons that will make your online real estate appealing to users, especially if you’re targeting a non-tech-savvy audience. With virtually endless possibilities, having the kind of look and feel you desire for your site is a breeze.

Although the sizable percentage of WordPress sites are blogs and news sites, using this CMS will make your business site friendly to visitors. The platform is built to present content in an effective manner; therefore WordPress sets the stage to send your message across. Most successful websites gain constant traffic by communicating properly in the digital landscape—something that WordPress greatly excels in.

A Full Suite of Solutions

Benson Media builds websites that run on this premier CMS to perfection. We offer a complete range of WordPress web development services to create your site from the ground up and manage it with excellence.

If regular users develop great designs using this platform, imagine what our specialists can do. WordPress web design has been one of our strongest suits for many years. Our extensive experience in theme development allows us to make your site beautifully distinctive while having all the functionalists you need. We do magical things that can boost your user interface and many other aspects of your site by writing amazing extensions for different browsers.

Contact us today for inquiries, and learn more about Benson Media’s WordPress web development service.