Application Development

What is Application Development?

Custom Web Application Development refers to the process and practice of developing custom-made applications to meet diverse needs for industries such as finance, marketing, information technology, insurance, and many more. Great technology should suit all of your needs, and more importantly, feel simple!

Benson Media develops enterprise level web applications to solve complex problems businesses face. Our experience and expertise in developing enterprise software platforms covers a wide array of industries, including: employee payroll processing systems, banking and financial systems, marketing automation platforms, data-driven information and community portals, and social networking platforms.

Our Process

Our development process ensures success and accuracy in each critical stage of the project: planning, development, deployment, and support. The experts at Benson Media bring years of experience in developing cutting edge web-based applications to meet both the technical and business requirements of a successful project.

With our expertise, having a technical company assist in defining the requirements of your project gives you an edge in deployment and engagement. Every project is unique, and we are more than capable to work with you should your project requirements be predefined.

With Benson Media, a project does not end with deployment, post deployment support ensures that your web application is continuously improving through the addition of features and measuring engagement. With your consent, we monitor the software to make sure your team and users are adapting to the functions and features, as well as making any necessary bugfixes.


Benson Media offers full stack web development, meaning we are able to provide the specialized development needed for each level of your next project.

Back End Development

  • PHP & PHP Frameworks
  • Python
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • Perl

Front End Development

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Angular.js

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