Custom Web Design

What is Custom Web Design?

Custom Web Design is the process of crafting and launching a customized website to represent your business online and optimize your business’s web presence. Put simply, a website is your business’s storefront and the cornerstone of its online brand. Implementing a unique, custom-tailored design for your website is crucial to defining and maintaining your business’s brand, showcasing your products and services, and most importantly – driving sales.

The Benson Media Difference

At Benson Media, we know that template designs are a commonly travelled route to creating a business’s web presence. While attractive for their cheapness, the problem is that template designs can harm your business’s branding and reputation and hence decrease your business’s visibility on the web. We provide an edge in giving our clients custom designs that not only are congruent with their brands, but that are optimized to convert a website’s visitors to customers.

Our Process

The heart of Benson Media lies in helping our clients achieve their goals. By putting your business’s goals and needs first, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your website’s design is custom fit to your brand, mission, organizational goals, and moreover, is as simple for you as possible.


At the beginning of any successful web design, it’s important to define the requirements and goals of the website. Whether it’s converting visitors to users or visitors into customers, the goal needed to be defined and conceptualized in the first stage. Designing from your goals outward, gives your website the Benson Media advantage to convert your visitors into your customers.


After the goals and requirements of the website are defined, we put ourselves in the shoes of the visitor and identify the flow of the website. This ensures that the website is designed in a logical manner to enhance the user experience.


At the heart of a successful website design is the actual design. The wireframing stage is when the website begins to takes life with the finalized design. After defining the flow of the website, we design a visually appealing website that matches your business’s branding.


After the website’s design is finalized and approved, the developers at Benson Media code the website design and flow into a fully functioning website. At this stage, the website is coded to be optimized for search engines to increase your business’s visibility after launch.


Do you ever see websites with incomplete pages or pages with “Coming Soon”? For the successful launch of any new website design, it’s necessary to ensure that all of the aspects of your website are ready and optimized prior to publicly promoting your website. The experts at Benson Media audit the website prior to launch to ensure it has all of the seen and unseen aspects required for your new website to be a success.

Custom Web Design Process

Why wait? Contact Benson Media today to get us started on your custom-tailored website design. Your business’s web presence depends on it.