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Why Does Good Web Design Matter?

Nobody can overemphasize the importance of web design for your Ohio business site. In essence, all of your efforts will go down the drain if this particular digital element fails.

Your content will lose its effect, no matter how compelling it may be, and it will take a miracle for you to reach the top of Google’s organic rankings without good, professional web design.

Here are why professional website designs bring in business:

Responsive Web Design, & Why You Need It in Business?

Responsive web design, or RWD, is an approach that allows site layouts to adapt to the environment based on screen size, orientation, and platform. This is made possible by the fusion of fluid grids, flexible images and videos, and the clever use of CSS media queries. It aims to deliver an optimal user experience across different devices, such as desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and phablets.

While RWD is not for all, it pays to have a responsive design to capture the mobile audience. Giving your site the flexibility to adjust to the device’s size and capabilities allows users to read and navigate with ease while keeping panning, resizing, and scrolling to a minimum.

Responsive Design Equals Better SEO

Does using a responsive layout helps your site climb the top of the SERPs? Yes, definitely, and here’s why:

The Benson Media Advantage

As the premier web design company in Ohio, Benson Media takes pride in offering cutting-edge solutions to build your website to perfection. You can rely on our unparalleled expertise and extensive experience to design your business site with excellence.

Our team of specialists is committed to collaborating with you every step of the way. We’ll ensure your site has the personality and functionality you want, and make every effort to improve all of your pages’ performance.

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