Windows Mobile App Development

Windows Mobile App Development

Windows Mobile, or WinMo, is a relatively unpopular platform compared to Android and iOS, but it’s definitely growing in terms of its users. The Microsoft-owned operating system continues to experience an upward trend by the quarter—coming from the improving sales of Nokia devices in America.

Why People Buy WinMo-based Devices

Despite being a distant third in the mobile OS market share race (according to many resources), some experts find WinMo more impressive in different major aspects.

It has better multi-tasking capabilities when it comes to handling installed applications. Windows’s Snap View allows putting multiple apps to run and display on-screen better than anyone. Every single update is pushed to devices, making upgrading to the new OS version a breeze for users. It has remarkable Share and Desktop Integration features, while the user experience has made giant steps over the years.

Other than the critics, an increasing number of users are slowly realizing these advantages. Windows is certainly set to close its gap with industry leaders Android and iOS sooner than later.

Why It Pays to Develop Windows Apps

There are many reasons you should tap into the rising WinMo market:

Why Go with Benson Media

Leveraging on our unmatched expertise in Windows mobile app development gives you the leading edge. Our developers are skilled at optimizing the winning features of WinMo to create intuitive applications that will capture the interest of both novice and tech-savvy users. You can rely on our ingenuity to build something inventive and catchy apps, be it from generic or unique ideas.

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