Mobile Web Application Development

Mobile Web Applications

Welcome to the future of mobile application development: Web Apps. We bring you the best available solution to conquer the mobile market, boost your branding, and cut down your costs. If the term “web app” doesn’t ring a bell, we’ll break it down for you.

Mobile Web Apps, Not Native Apps

First and foremost, web apps are not real applications. They’re actually websites that look and feel like a native app in many ways.

They are typically written in HTML5 and run in browsers. Users can access and install a web app much like how they access a typical web page: they navigate and find a unique URL, saving it on their home screen by bookmarking a specific page.

Mobile web applications are naturally different from native apps and regular web pages, but it’s hard to distinguish what separates them at face value.

How Do They Work

Web apps use all the features available in HTML5. They are accessible with or without an Internet connection; browser caching makes it possible to view the content offline. They show no visible browser bars or buttons, and users can swipe horizontally to go to other sections of the page. Web app users can maximize several device features, such as GPS, tap-to-call capability, and Camera API. Innovations are born by the day, so it’s not impossible to take full advantage of all device features soon.

Key Advantages over Apps

For marketing purposes, mobile web app development is the right direction to take with its remarkable set of advantages compared with native applications.

Here are some of the few exclusive benefits of using web apps for your business:

Why Choose Benson Media

No other team develops web applications better than Benson Media. No matter how big or complicated a project, you can rely on our expertise to suit your specific needs.

Our mobile web apps are cross-platform to eliminate the need for multiple code bases. Our team is proficient in leveraging sought-after technologies, such as PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, Cordova, and Sencha Touch, to develop exactly the web application that will push your business forward.

Apart from the search engines, your web app will also be on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for maximum presence.

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