Android App Development

Android Applications

Do you have an ingenious mobile app idea in mind? Do you need to get your message across your target market? Does your branding need a little boost? Do you want to rule the Android market to generate more sales? You’ve come to the right place.

Benson Media is the authority in app development solutions for Android in Ohio. We specialize in developing applications for Google’s very own operating system. We combine our extensive experience and sound technical knowledge to develop custom software and apps that feature security, complexity, and scalability—the ultimate solution for mobile users.

Why Marketing for Android Users Make Sense

Google’s Android leads the smartphone market share race—with over 1 billion active users using devices powered by the OS. This comprises about 79% of the entire market, which easily translates to a substantial number of potential customers.

Why Benson Media Stands Out

Be it a utility, a game, or a business app, Benson Media is the team to call. We simply know what it takes to develop the right app that will let you tap into the largest chunk of the mobile market.

Compared to other operating systems, Android applications development is naturally challenging because of the variety of devices that use Google-developed OS. It requires a clever strategy to create an application that can work perfectly with an array of hardware, and is compatible with different screen sizes.

We handle Android app development in a strategic standpoint. Our designers and developers think beyond the basics and explore uncharted design possibilities to give your application the winning edge. Our creations are built around practicality, innovation, and user experience.

Our proven expertise is at readily your disposal to bring you the apt app for your needs. Contact us today for your consultation, and let’s talk about your requirements.