About Us

About Us

Benson Media is a premier digital marketing company offering proven, effective, and innovative solutions that maximize the power of the Internet to drive revenue. We put brands on Google map and build optimal presence on the top online platforms to become highly visible and available to potential customers.

Our Brief History

Founded in Wheeling, West Virginia in 2009, our company quickly gained traction primarily for the element of freshness we bring in the table. Our organization is made up of digitally passionate and technically adept individuals with unswerving commitment to handle client campaigns efficiently. We combine ingenious ideas with faultless project management methods to deliver excellent web solutions.

The majority of our clientele came from referrals; we’re a living proof that word of mouth is truly the best advertising. The year 2014 saw us move to Columbus, Ohio. This exciting change called for an upgrade of identity. We thought of improving our name to Benson Media—from the man behind our continuous success, our founder Andrew Benson, and the comprehensive range of services we offer.

Benson Media Columbus, Ohio Headquarters - PNC Building

Our Core Values

We strive to uphold the three main values that have made us succeed in our field:


We believe that this quality lays down a solid cornerstone for positive, lasting customer relations. We, as an organization, display a high level of honesty and professionalism to embed trust in you. Making empty promises, cutting corners, and implementing sketchy tactics that may cause your business more harm than good in the long run are not in our nature, and never will be.


We see you as our partner in everything that we do in business, and partners don’t leave each other in the dark. Right from the moment you first speak to us, we’ll be straightforward with our pricing and capabilities. We’ll provide reports regularly to keep you updated with your campaign. Our managers make it a point to always be within reach to give you the information you need as you wish.


We have our eyes on the price, and never settle for anything less. You can expect us to do our utmost to accomplish our job to perfection. We always make sure to provide you nothing but the kind of work we’re proud of.

Our Culture

At Benson Media, our corporate culture is built around innovation. We know that digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and yesterday’s best practices may no longer be as effective today. That’s why we constantly immerse ourselves with the hottest trends and the latest breakthroughs to look for the next big thing in the industry.

Our Winning Edge

What makes us truly unique is our unwavering dedication to deliver desirable results to our clients. Even if we’re relentless in exploring new ways to improve our processes and solutions, our eyes remain locked on producing the numbers you need to reach the top of the search rankings.

Even if we’re relentlessly looking for ways to reinvent and improve our processes and solutions, our focus remains locked on delivering desirable results to our clients—this is what makes us truly unique.

Work with the best to reap the maximum revenue potential of the Internet.